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Does your mailer deliver to Inbox?

Yes, our mailer is 101% guaranteed to all inbox. It’s not a hacked mailer, it’s hosted on a bullet proof server specifically configured to send out mass/bulk emails. Additionally, the server IP’s are changed every few hours further enhancing and guaranteeing the delivery to inbox.

Can I see the Mailer Screenshot?

Yes, here is the link to our PHP Mailer screenshot: http://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/screenshot/

What is the mailer link, do I need to install it on PC?

It’s php based / web based, nothing to install. You will be provided a link, username and password. You can access the mailer using the credentials and start sending emails immediately.

You will just need a browser like Chrome/Edge/Opera or Firefox to use it.  The mailer also works from any device like a mobile phone/tablet/PC/Mac, etc.

Do you have Mailer specially for Office365?

Yes, we have unlimited, unrestricted Office web mailer, details are available on

  • Sending Capacity: Unlimited
  • Duration Validity: 30 Days
  • Users: 1 User
  • IP Change: Every 6 Hours
  • Type: Web mailer (Hosted On Microsoft Office 365 Servers, So Inbox Guaranteed)
  • Works In Every Country, With Every IP
  • Password Protected Access, Only You Have Access To Your Sender
  • 24 Hours Unrestricted Access, Works In Any Browser (Tested On Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, etc.)

To order: https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/shop/inbox-sending-tools/bulk-friendly-office-inbox-web-mailer/

Can you send email format on our behalf?

Yes, we can send out emails on your behalf, with direct replies to your inbox.

We Do The Dirty Job, All Inbox Delivery, Within 24 Hours
Any Attachment Supported, No Content Restrictions
HTML or Text Format
Your Reply To Address Used, You Get Responses Directly


Order Here: https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/shop/inbox-sending-tools/format-sending-to-1-million-emails-limited-time-offer/

How often do you update your Email Lists?

Glad you asked, most of our lists are updated 2-3 times a month, we remove bad and invalid emails frequently and keep updating our lists with fresh, valid and responsive email lists.

Do you sell Alibaba Business Emails?

Yes, we have Alibaba Business Emails from various countries, please check the details on https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/?s=alibaba&post_type=product 

Do you sell Aged Insurance Leads?

Do you have Bullet Proof hosting?

Yes, please check Bullet proof hosting product page for details:


Do you sell unlimited SMTP?

Unlimited SMTP – Full DKIM, SPF, Private Domain, Private IP

Our products are used for bulk-sending & configured on CLEAR-IP.

You will receive SMTP with the info:

SMTP: IP | Port | Username | Password
Example: | 25 | admin@xyz.xyz | abc123$
Target Tested Email Address: Office 365 | Hotmail | Yahoo | Company
BCC: 300 | Works With Atomic Mail Sender AMS, Turbo Mailer, Gammadyne Mailer or AB Bulk Mailer
Guaranteed 30 Days Access

Order Here: https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/shop/inbox-sending-tools/unlimited-smtp-full-dkim-spf-private-domain-private-ip/

Do you sell Remote Desktop or RDP?

Following Remote Desktop Server (RDP) are available:

India – 30$ / Mo
USA RDP – 35$ / Mo
Malaysia/Singapore RDP – 40$ / Mo
China – 45$ / Mo

Windows 10 / Windows XP / Windows 2000
AMS / Turbo Mailer Pre-Installed
No restrictions. Valid for 30 days.
Username and Password access.

Order: https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/shop/inbox-sending-tools/1-month-rdp-from-usa-uk/

What payment options do you accept?

Payment details are available on our payment page, please visit https://buyunlimitedsmtp.com/payment-page/ for details.

How can I buy Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

You can visit https://www.localbitcoins.com to buy BTC from any country.  Its quick and easy.

Step by step guide to buy Bitcoin is available on https://localbitcoins.com/guides/how-to-buy-bitcoins

Do you sell Perfect Money?

If you are in India/Africa (with Indian friend) then you can WhatsApp us on +917359077550 and deal directly.  All you need to do is to deposit funds in our local bank account here and we transfer PM to your account immediately.

Visit Perfect Money site: https://www.perfectmoney.is

What categories of products do you have?

I have been cheated/scammed by someone, how can I trust you?

Kindly note that its not our fault if you get cheated by some other seller or company. Please don’t judge us on the basis of your dealings with others.

Its bad that some people cheat/scam, but there is little we can do about what others are doing.

What products do you sell?

We sell the following products:

We currently have PHP Inbox Mailer to send out Bulk emails, IP & Domain SMTP, cPanel Webmailer & RDP From US and China.

We also have Leads from various countries and categories like Personal, Dating, Loan & Debt Seeker, Job-Employment Seekers, Mystery Shoppers, Lawyers, Doctors, Alibaba Business, Hotels & Restaurants, Domain Leads (gmail/yahoo/live/outlook/163, etc.), Bank Customer Emails, Church Emails, Military (.mil) Emails, Students, Realtors, Gold Buyer Emails and many other categories.

We can also customise a list based on your choice of country and category.

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