1 Million Australia Alibaba-Business Emails

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Alibaba Business Database – List of Businesses in Alibaba Directory with Email List


Alibaba Business Database is a compiled list of businesses and companies from Alibaba Directory.  If you don’t know what is Alibaba, it’s a business directory of companies. So if you are looking for manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, importers, exporters etc. from Asia or any part of the world, then our Alibaba Database if the right product for you. We have extracted list of businesses from Alibaba and saved it in excel format. You will now have access to hundreds of thousands of companies with email list in order for you to connect with the suppliers,  retailers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and many more.


Alibaba Business database will enable you to contact these suppliers directly via email or phone in order for you to start a successful marketing campaign to grow your business. The source of the data is from Alibaba Directory itself. All records are public information so it is safe to use as long as you use it for business to business purposes. Our database contains vital information about the business such as: Business name, contact person, position (ex: CEO), main product, address, city, state, postal, phone, fax, mobile and website.


With the help of our Alibaba Business Database, you will now have access to over 158,000 companies registered in Alibaba directory all with business email list. The businesses cover a wide array of industries and business categories such as manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, exporters, importers and many more. The data is sorted out by country and product name to help you find the right company you are looking for. You can use our data for building your own directory, email marketing, cold calling or any b2b related purposes.